CS 115 Summer 2019

Course Supervisor: Dr. Debby Keen

Instructor: Jacob Schlueter

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May 13How to get and Install Python, Wing IDE and the Graphics package All free!
May 13 Tutorial for the IDE we recommend, WingIDE
May 13If you added the course late, after Monday, May 13
May 13Computer History video and a look at Dr. Moore:) Please watch this - you are responsible for its contents.
May 21Lecture Test 1 details
May 21Details about Lab Test 1
May 30Study questions from Test 2 last semester
Topics list Test 2 last semester
May 30Study questions from Test 3 last semester
Topics list Test 3 last semester

What's Due? (This gives just a few words about assignments - see the assignments for DETAILS!)
Zybook 5 PA and CA in Chapter 5, 5.1-5.4 and 5.7-5.9, and Chapter 6, 6.1-6.4 Tuesday, May 28, midnight
Homework 6Tuesday, May 28, midnight

Lectures from previous semesters

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a Fix for Mac Computers and WingIDE

Location for graphics.py for both PC and Mac

Interesting article about CAPTCHAs