Adaptive, intelligent, interactive narrative research.
Intelligent interactive narratives in virtual reality provide new opportunities for training simulations.
The Sabre Narrative Planner has been released on GitHub under the CC BY-NC 4.0 license.
Camelot is a sandbox engine that lets you quickly build interactive narrative games.
The Best Laid Plans is an interactive virtual environment in which the narrative is generated automatically as you play.
Prof. Ware has been awarded an NSF CAREER grant to apply intelligent storytelling to virtual reality games and training simulations.

About the Narrative Intelligence Lab

The Narrative Intelligence Lab in the Computer Science Department at the University of Kentucky is a highly interdisciplinary research group that investigates how computers can use narrative to interact more naturally with people. We combine research in Artificial Intelligence, Narrative Theory, and Cognitive Science to create computational models of narrative. These models allow machines to understand, generate, adapt, and tell stories.

Our work has numerous applications in education, training, therapy, and entertainment. We place a high value on the rigorous empirical evaluation of our work, which often involves human subjects interacting with virtual worlds. We have a close relationship with computer games and game-like technologies which allow us to embody the algorithms that create interactive stories.

The Narrative Intelligence Lab is located in room 304G in the David Marksbury Building. It is not accessible to the public, but tours can be given upon request.

Questions about the lab and its work should be addressed to:

Prof. Stephen G. Ware
David Marksbury Building, Room 307
Department of Computer Science
University of Kentucky
Lexington, KY 40506

If you are interested in a research assistantship, please read this information about open positions.