Story Graphs

A story graph represents all the possible stories that can be told in an interactive narrative. Typically, the player makes decisions for one character while an experience manager decides what the non-player characters (NPCs) will do. This page provides story graphs for a simple interactive story. These graphs can be used to test experience management techniques.

These graphs were originally used for the experience management study described in these papers:

Stephen G. Ware, Edward T. Garcia, Alireza Shirvani, Rachelyn Farrell. Multi-agent narrative experience management as story graph pruning. In Proceedings of the 15th AAAI international conference on Artificial Intelligence and Interactive Digital Entertainment, pp. 87-93, 2019.

Edward T. Garcia. Multi-agent narrative experience management as story graph pruning. M.S. thesis at University of New Orleans, 2019.


The story graphs can be downloaded here:

Story Graphs, version 1.0

Warning: This file is about 10 GB in size, and when unzipped, is about 77 GB.

The file includes:

  • The full graph, where every state has all possible player actions and many possible NPC actions, each with explanations for how the consenting agents expect the actions to contribute to their goals.
  • The pruned graph, where every state has 0 or 1 actions per NPC, pruned according to the criteria described by Ware et al. 2019.
  • The random graph, used as a control for an evaluation, also described in the above paper.
  • Documentation with details about the story domain and file format.

These files are provided under the Creative Commons Attribution 4.0 International license. That means you can use, share, and adapt them for your own purposes, but you must credit the original author. When doing so, please cite the Ware et al. 2019 paper above.