prospective members

I am always interested in hard-working students with strong technical abilities. If you are interested in joining my lab here are some guidelines.
  • If you are a current University of Kentucky student, undergraduate or graduate, please send me an email briefly describing your interests and abilities.
  • If you are a prospective student, I strongly encourage you to apply. If you mention me, and why you are interested in my research area, in your statement of purpose I will review your materials to see if you are a good fit for my lab.


current lab members

Scott Workman [pubs] (PhD candidate in CS)
Menghua "Ted" Zhai [pubs] (PhD candidate in CS)
Zach Bessinger [pubs] (PhD candidate in CS)
Tawfiq Salem [pubs] (PhD student in CS)
Connor Greenwell [pubs] (PhD student in CS)
Weilian "William" Song (BS student in CS)
Samuel Davidson (BS student in CS (NSF REU))


Mohammad T. Islam [pubs] (PhD CS, 2016 ; to tenure-track faculty position at Southern Conneticut State University)
Ryan Baltenberger [pubs] (MS CS, 2016 ; to airSpring Software)
David Smith (BS CS, 2015 ; to PhD program in CS at University of Florida)
R. Paul Mihail [pubs] (PhD CS, 2014 ; to tenure-track position at Valdosta State University)
Feiyu Shi [pubs] (MS EE, 2013 ; to MS program in CS at Boston University, then Microsoft)
Jim Knochelman (BS CS, 2012 ; to airSpring Software)