Hi, I’m Derek Jones.

I recently graduated from the University of Kentucky with an M.Sc. in Computer Science with a research focus in Machine Learning/Deep Learning and its applications to Computational Biology and Drug Discovery. I was advised by Dr. Nathan Jacobs (Computer Science) and Dr. Sally R. Ellingson (Biomedical Informatics).

Broadly, I am interested in applying ML/Deep Learning to the problem of modeling protein-drug interactions with the help of supercomputers.

Currently I am an intern at Lawrence Livermore National Laboratory working with Dr. Jonathan Allen on data driven methods to model protein-drug interactions.

Recent News

  • 06/11/2018: Accepted ChemBio Data Scientist Position at LLNL
  • 06/11/2018: Started the Data Science Summer Institute internship program at LLNL
  • 05/04/2018: Poster submission accepted to ACM TAPIA 2018
  • 04/12/2018: Successful defense of M.Sc thesis
  • 12/16/2017: Two Publications Accepted to AMIA 2018 Informatics Summit in San Francisco
  • 08/16/2017: Our work featured at Berkeley Labs!