CS Professor Becomes Visiting Research Scientist at Google Cultural Institute

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Dr. Brent Seales, Gill Professor in UK's Computer Science department, has accepted a position as a visiting research scientist at the Google Cultural Institute.  Specifically, Dr. Seales will be helping read the un-openable Dead Sea Scrolls through visualization.  His role in this project will last for one year, which will be spent working in Paris.

Travel Into a Herculaneum Scroll

The scrolls in question are too fragile to be unrolled, so Dr. Seales will use a similar method to that he used to read Pompeii scrolls.  This method can be seen in the video to the right.

Seales is excited to return to France, where he lived for a while in his youth.  He is especially interested in improving his French.  The site of his work will be in the new Parisian Googleplex, a 100,000-square foot office space housing 500 employees.  Seales' team will consist of ten to fifteen other scientists.  Along with furthering his research, Seales sees his work with Google as an opportunity to network and to support open scholarship.

This will be Dr. Seales' first sabbatical in 14 years, but he plans to return to UK at the end of his one-year assignment.

April 4, 2012; Brad Elliott